Menu item ‘Edge Gateway Services’ grayed out in vCD

Some time ago we had problems with the NSX Manager, had to deploy a new Manager appliance and restore a config backup. However, we were unable to manage Edge Gateways in the vCloud Director web interface after this work. Neither as Org Admin, nor as System Admins. In the Action menu the item “Edge Gateway Services” for configuring the network services was simply grayed out. Even a Re-deploy of the Edge Gateways didn’t help.

The whole thing looked like this:

Edge Gateway Services Grayed Out

After some try and error and research we noticed that in the vCloud Director database all affected Edge Gateways which had grayed out menu items also had the status “UNREACHABLE” in the table “gateway”.

Apparently the status wasn’t updated after the NSX Manager Appliance re-deployment. And, in consequence, vCD couldn’t manage the Edge Gateways anymore.

To determine this we have used the following query in the vCloud Director database:

select id,name,is_deployed,status from gateway where status='UNREACHABLE' and is_deployed='t';

This query lists all edge gateways that are deployed and have the status “UNREACHABLE“. If results are displayed with this query, the solution below may help you.

The solution for grayed out menu items

The solution was quite simple. We only had to change the status from “UNREACHABLE” to “READY” in the table “gateway”.

update gateway set status='READY' where is_deployed='t' and status='UNREACHABLE';

After that, the Edge Gateway Services were manageable again.

Edge Gateway Services Working

So if your Edge Gateway menu items are also grayed out after a NSX failure, it’s worth taking a look at the vCD database. This solution should work for all vCD 9.x installations.


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