Set an IPv6 default route in NSX 6.3

If you have already worked with IPv6 Default Routes in NSX 6.3, you may know the following problems: You set a static default route to ::/0, save your change and when you reload the page, the change is gone.

Or you want to upgrade the NSX Edge Gateways from version 6.2.x to 6.3.x and the Edge upgrade fails with an IPv6 error message.

I’ve stumbled across it several times and I’ve wondered what’s causing these issues.

In the VMware knowledge base I found what I was looking for. Apparently there is an error in NSX version 6.3.x which prevents you from setting ::/0 as default route. In version 6.3.5 and 6.3.6 this bug is fixed.

So if you are using an NSX version below 6.3.5, you can either upgrade or explicitly set the static routes for IPv6 multicast and IPv6 unicast.

  • For IPv6 unicast it’s 2000::/3 and
  • For IPv6 multicast it’s ff00::/8

And if you try to upgrade the edges from 6.2.x to 6.3.x, you must first remove the default route for ::/0.

Hope this helps.




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