Get root access to all NSX components

The topics “How do I get root access to the different NSX components” or “How can I find the root password” comes up quite often. For some components it’s already widely documented (for example NSX Manager) and for other components it’s rarely described (for example the NSX controllers). I also haven’t yet found a complete overview of how to get root access to the underlying Linux layer on all components. So I thought I’d put this information together here for the NSX versions 6.3 and 6.4.

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Internal server error while accessing NSX Logical Switches

We have recently upgraded from NSX-v 6.3.3 to NSX-v 6.4.3. The upgrade went well so far, but after the upgrade we noticed that the list of logical switches was no longer loaded correctly.

Depending on how we sorted the list, the list was either empty and the error message “Internal server error has occurred” was displayed or it happened while scrolling. In any case we couldn’t use the list with the logical switches anymore. And unfortunately the error message is quite useless.

So we went through the logs of the NSX Manager and found what we were looking for in the vsm.log.

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