Get root access to all NSX components

The topics “How do I get root access to the different NSX components” or “How can I find the root password” comes up quite often. For some components it’s already widely documented (for example NSX Manager) and for other components it’s rarely described (for example the NSX controllers). I also haven’t yet found a complete overview of how to get root access to the underlying Linux layer on all components. So I thought I’d put this information together here for the NSX versions 6.3 and 6.4.

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VM Auto Discovery in vCloud Director 9 – Need help?

vCloud Director has been adding an Auto Discovery feature for VMs in version 8.20 and it’s available for some time now. It’s a cool feature that can simplify migrations, but in practice there are some pitfalls that can make things difficult. To be more concrete: It only works under certain conditions. Tom Fojta has written an article about this feature some time ago (Thanks, Tom). But I think some details are missing and  that inspired me to post this.

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